Preparing the Varuna Event – Status Report, 2008 Nov 27, 22:45 U.T.


Steve Preston’s new prediction (Nov 25) is based on a recent star position and the position of (20000) Varuna derived from observations made at Pic du Midi, reduced by Marcelo Assafin et al.

Steve gave strong weighting to the Pic du Midi observations at his calculations.


Bruno Sicardy (Observatoire de Paris, LESIA) states that the Varuna event should be prepared and monitored for several reasons anyway:


– to get a feeling of SNR’s obtained by the various people interested in future events of this kind.


– to have a rehearsal, as many things can go wrong in this kind of time critical observations.


– for the larger telescopes, get a better astrometry when Varuna is very close to the UCAC candidate star. Probably a relative accuracy of 20 mas or better might be obtained. The obtained, accurate offset can then be stored for future monitoring on how Varuna’s offset behaves with time.


– who knows, the astrometry can still change…


At the moment we are searching for potential observers in the southern hemisphere (e.g. Brazil, Namibia, South Africa).


There is still hope to catch the shadow of Varuna…




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