Maps of Potential Observing Stations and Finder Charts


Bruno Sicardy has updated his web page The possible Varuna stellar occultation of 6/7 December 2008  with a map of potential observing sites near and inside the predicted path (path update Nov 29, Rio Group):


Potential Observing Sites


and according to the update by Raoul Brehrend (Nov 27):


Potential Observing Sites (Update R. Behrend, Nov 27)




A finder chart of the target star from Bruno’s webpage (DSS2.365 at 645nm, 13.05′ x 12.35′):


Finder Chart (13.05′ x 12.35′)


Additional to these maps you can find more finder charts for this occultation with different fields of view on the same web page:


20 deg


5 deg


1.5 deg


30 min


10 min



Less than 5 days to go…



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